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Home made anvil and belt grinder


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Hello,  I just joined today.

I am working on getting myself equipped for forging some metal.    I have recently completed building my own 2x72 belt sander/grinder and also a striking anivl of sorts.


The belt sander is currently off getting powder coated - Kawasaki Green.  lol





I do not yet own a proper anvil, but this will have to do for a while.



I think my next metal working project will be a propane forge that I will likely construct using an old compressor tank.  I am thinking that I want to go ahead and build a ribbon burner for it also.


Then possibly a power hammer.


But 1st I am starting my research on forge building.

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Thanks all.  I did update my profile.   I am in Southern Ohio.


The belt sander was made using scraps and materials I had on hand, other than the 3 aluminum wheels.  Main tube is 3x5, and the base is a heavy 10" channel.  Motor is 1.5 hp from a treadmill, but is a little weak compared to the rest of it.  We shal see how well it works.


The anvil top is 4" thick 7x11 I believe setting on an 1-1/2" base plate.  The hardy hole is 1" - I "cheated" and had it done with EDM, rather than a proper drift.  EDM and Pritchel holes are through the whole 4" thickness.  So, I(or the next owner) do have the option at some point to flip the plate over for a new surface.

I have had a piece of track for a long time with intentions of making it into an anvil, but never did.  After reading up on the shortcomings of track anvils and learning about striking anvils I decided to go that route.  Then I was fortunate enough in finding the other plate metal for free, basically.  The legs where from house trailer axles I shortened for other purposes.  Basically 3" pipe with 1/2x4 bar for the feet.   They are filled with a mixture of sand and oil.  It weighs about 200lbs.

This metal is all just mild steel.  I am also considering adding a piece of hardenable steel to the lower striking are of the anvil, and probably creating a horn of sorts.  More pictures on that in the future.




Keep in mind that I don't have a specific use or focus in regards to the anvil.


I do have a concern where the main part of the striking surface of the 4" surface is over an area of the 1-1/2" plate that is unsupported from below.  I am considering tying the middle area of that plate to the front leg near where the existing braces join.  I am thinking there may be some flex experienced during heavy striking which over time may case it to sag in the middle.

Is that concern reasonable?

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Well, I went ahead and took some pictures.


What I started with for the 4" piece.  I am using the drops for another anvil of sorts.  I can put this one onto my workbench which is only 3/16" thick and not very well suited for hammering.





The start of my "horn".



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Use it for 50 years and let us know....And why do you think that using EDM is "cheating"?  I know a blacksmith that was forging Titanium for satellite use---the craft didn't suddenly stop dead at some time in the past---look at induction forges!  They are slicker than...slicker than...slicker than a very slick thing indeed!

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Still a work in progress. I picked up a piece of 5" shaft about 5" long for the start of my horn.  Tied it back to the main striking surface with some bar stock.  I will cover with some 1/2" AR plate to bring up to the level of my striking surface.


Also some more places for hammers and clamps.


So I added about 30 or 40 more pounds and more working surface.  I will likely get more shaft of smaller sizes to make the horn smaller in steps.  Maybe not ideal, but hey - it's cheap enough. :lol:




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