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Burner size for propane tank forge


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Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum. I’m thinking of building a propane tank forge and I was planning on just buying burners. I want to be able to forge weld so what I’m wondering is should I get two 1 inch burners or 2 half inch burners? <commercial link removed> here’s the link to the burner page. 


Thanks for the assistance!

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Welcome to IFI! If you haven't yet, please READ THIS FIRST.

How much burner you need is directly related to the volume of your forge. Please go read the Burners 101 thread and the Forges 101 thread in their entirety; it's a lot of material, but you will probably find every question you can think of addressed there. If you still have questions afterwards, folks here will be more than happy to help.

Good luck!

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In particular not knowing how much insulation you will be adding to the inner walls of the tank makes it kind of hard for us to guess what YOUR build's volume will be.

Also what size tank?  I have tanks ranging from BBQ size, RV size, 100 pounders and even one 14' long!   *You* know the details and need to share them with us when you ask a question.  My mind reading abilities took a bad hit when I had a couple concussions a month apart...

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Sorry should have provided more detail. 20pound tank following the Wayne coe build method found below. As he states is 583.4 cubics interior. The website for the burners says 250cubic for one burner so I’m thinking 2  1inch burners would be fine and not be over powering. I will continue to read the burner 101 section as well. Build_a_Gas_Forge.pdf

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