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Hey Guys so i don't use wood that much and when i do its  stabilized however i just used a block for a hidden tang kitchen knife that i am sure is iron wood but i thought it was stabilized but after grinding into it now i don't think it is so i am trying to figure out what to use to finish it i have heard of wax's polish's oil's varnish's ect.....can anyone point me in the right direction here?

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5 minutes ago, ds99 said:

i am sure is iron wood

"Iron wood" (or "ironwood") is extremely vague; it could refer to any of thirty or so completely unrelated species. The only thing they have in common is that they are hard and heavy.

I would suggest you try out different finishes on a piece of scrap. The oilier woods (e.g., lignum vitae) can resist some finishes, and some finishes may have a hard time soaking into even the non-oily ironwoods (e.g. hop-hornbeam) enough to adhere permanently. Try out a couple of different options, and see what works.

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"ironwood" is typically used for the hardest/heaviest wood in a locality---which varies wildly depending on where you are at.  "Desert Ironwood" here in New Mexico is quite different from the ironwood of the east coast of the USA.  Since we haven't a clue where you are at we can't give good advice on how to treat the ironwood of your location.

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