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I Forge Iron

Hi from sunny St. Pete, FL

Francesco Muci

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1 hour ago, BIGGUNDOCTOR said:

Oh I remember Zanshin.. I meant that you ended up where you did in Florida where you can work as a luthier, as well as have access to a shop with nice smithing equipment. 

Indeed. Florida is not my type of weather, however, as far as working situation I could not have been more fortunate. My main job, violin making, is rewarded by the friendship and collaboration of a skilled and awesome group of people, in an incredibly nice environment, at the shop where I have been hired. Also, the workshop where I managed to rent my forging space is very well equipped and full of, again, awesome and motivating people. A bit too messy (the owner of the place is a tool hoarder), so I end up tyding up more tha I actually work... but, hey, since when tool hoarding is a bad thing? You should see the planishing power hammer we recently got...

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