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DuEulear , I made a similar table with the addition of a fan in the space below the cutting grate to suck out the vaporized metal  dust coming out of the plasma cut as well as a door to reach in and pick up parts that drop between the bars.

Anvil,  I never  intended to come across as saying that my way is ''the way'' , just being forthright about sharing some things that have worked for me over the years and for wide range of different projects.

Maybe I'm too old school to really ''get'' emoticons. 

Of course I don't take down set ups for a specific job until I'm done with it .  I do pick up tools or parts I'm not using  if they are not needed or in the way, off to the side within reach if I'm going to be using them again soon or back to their usual place if not.

The whole point of this thread was started by Glenn on ideas on  how to set a useful layout / work table  .

 I linked another thread that  I had started about how  a dedicated  layout table was a valuable asset to a blacksmith shop.

 I included ideas and pictures of my shop set up and what I have found to be useful or not and why.  

You or anyone else are free to critique how my shop is set up, I do it myself  regularly to see what I can do to improve the whole process.  

One or several, big or small , messy or neat a dedicated layout/ work  table is a great addition to have .

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