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Think of your coal forge as a fireplace. Your hearth is at waist hight like a cooking fire, and your fire proper is out on the hearth like a rumford style fire place. Side draft hoods with 10-12” flues work very well, tho one should consider general shop ventilation as well.

One example would be Steve Sells’ shop. He uses a side draft chimney on his coal forge and a cupola to vent the shop.

We actually have a member who specializes in ventilation as a day job who can help with more specific recommendations as to change over rates.   

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Does your shop have a wood stove as well?

My shop out here in the desert has open gables and the chimney for a coal forge is just a 10' long 10" diameter spiral seamed duct pipe stuck at a sharp angle through a hole in the metal wall (it was the previous users chimney pass through before the hail storm trashed his roof and the pull offs came my way. Wouldn't work as well as in a shop that is more buttoned up...

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4 hours ago, Lawrenceblacksmithing said:

I'm in North Carolina

Welcome to IFI, if you edit your profile to show your location it will show up with every post. When us old timers click away from this thread we will not remember where you are.

My coal forge is vented with a side draft hood straight up with a 10 inch flue. No problem with smoke in the shop.


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