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My first post leg vise


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Picked it up today.  It is marked The Columbian Hardware co.  Cleveland O. Made in USA.  Jaws measure 4.25.  Only Jaw Damage I could see is a chip on the top of each jaw.  the faces of the jaws are straight and clean and all the inscribed lines forming a diamond pattern across them is sharp and clear.  To me it does not appear to have been abused,  the screw is in great shape.  Did I do ok at $80.00?





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Well if one of the nuts had disappeared on a U bolt system and you didn't have access to tools to make another one;  I bet you could forge a wedge bracket and wedges with just your forge.  Me I collect rusty U bolts and nuts at the scrap yard---"just in case" and can forge them to fit a vise in just a couple of heats.

My travel vise uses wedges as it's fast and easy to set it up and take it down----but I always throw an extra wedge in the tool bucket as I've made more than one when I get to a demo and found the wedges are in the *other* bucket of tools...

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Very nice, and a good price to boot. 

For your stand, remember that "stable" is much more important than "portable". Unless you're setting up and breaking down your forging setup every single time, make a heavy stand with a wide, stable base and a lot of mass to resist pounding and twisting. My own stand is fairly heavy (made from welded-up 4" x 8" I-beam), made more so by the three 5-gallon buckets of scrap steel and some heavy plates resting on the back, but even that can walk around a bit when I'm doing something particularly vigorous.

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