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New School to Open

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That place has been around for a long time. Was an old railroad shop if I remember correctly. They've been trying to figure out what to do with it for at least 20 years now as yours truly looked into the place back in the '90s.

Biggest problem is the location. Johnstown is an impoverished, depressed, rust belt town that died with the steel mill. It has no real hope of recovery. If somebody out there wants to try a school while there are already plenty of them in better places, best of luck to them.


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Can't get links to work, but if you search for "Cambria blacksmith shop" several sites will show up with more historical background and interior views.

The NoDa section of Charlotte was a depressed area of town before it became an artist colony, now it is trendy and expensive. Asheville NC was a dump 40 years ago when industry left, art keeps it alive. It might work for them as well.

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