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Metrikote AND ITC-100

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So have both of these on order, I can return the itc-100 but was wondering if there would be any added benefit to doing a itc wash over the metrikote.

so this order

2" ceramic fiber, both rigidized then .5" kast o lite then metrikote with a wash of itc every once in a while to keep the IR reflectivity up?


or is that just a complete waste of money.


also how much added benefit is there from the 1/2" of kast o lite.......metrikote say to put it straight on the kaowool.



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Pros:  1: Hard castable protects blanket from clumsy tongs  2: Very flux resistant so if you intend to forge weld protects the blanket 3: High conductive transfer (at temperature brings metal to temp faster and uses less fuel to stay at temp) 4: Easy to patch and repair if you somehow manage to mess it up.

Cons: 1: Heavy 2: Takes longer to reach temperature (uses more fuel to get there)


Now i'm sure there are several pros and cons I've missed but those are the major ones to me.  So in summary if you need a light portable forge for quick jobs that won't be run for more than an hour at a time I would not recommend the use of kastolite.  For anything other then that specific set of circumstances to me it's an amazing product.  Also i'm aware that matrikote says not to put it on refractory however I can assure you from numerous forge builds it works just the same over kastolite as it does over blanket.  

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