2017 Stats 46K+, 500K+, and 50K+

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As we started 2018 there are some interesting numbers related to the site.

46,213 topics or threads  That is a lot of questions that have been ask on a bunch of different subjects. The new fellow to the site has no idea that there are already over 46K questions ask, so they ask that question again. 


543,172 posts  The answers to those questions many times turn into discussions that go into great depth on that one subject.  Many of you read the site daily and try to keep up with just the new posts. This can be a challenge when the subjects are interesting and many people start posting to the discussions. When 3, 4, or more interesting discussions are going at the same time, it sometimes takes a while just to read what was posted in a day. 


50,000 + members  50K is a city. Members are from over 150 world wide countries, and from all demographics. They are gentlemen and ladies and are some of the best people in the world. The common thread is they are interesting in blacksmithing and metal working. 


The amount of guests that visit the site is staggering. We invite those visiting and or lurking to sign up and become a member of the site. You can then ask questions and get answers from those that know the answer, because they have been there and done that already. We are willing to help and want you to succeed. We just need to know the question you need help with or want answered. Please do not get offended if we refer you to one or more of the 46K+ topics that have a discussion attached. Most likely it contains the answer to your question. If not come back and ask your question again in more specific detail so we can provide a more specific answer.


To all: Without your help we would not have these numbers and would not have been able to help so many interested in the craft. Thank each of you for supporting and promoting IForgeIron.

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