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Repurposed Nail Prybar Questions


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My buddy wants to turn this into a pry bar.  It is marked "drop forged".  is it tool steel?  How would you work it?  what color for the initial working?  after working anneal it?  re harden it?  Temper it?  to what color?  thanks in advance




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Your hardening and tempering process will be a hit or miss kind of thing. Using scrap or mystery steel you need to cut off a couple of test “coupons” so that you can test your quench and temper to find a good setup. I cannot help with working temps or steel type. I can only assume that it might be a tough steel but I could be a cheap steel masquerading as a good steel. 

This is why the suggestion of using good/new/known steel is so prevalent here on IFI. 

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That would probably be what I’d do if I didn’t plan to use them in my forging. Cut them off and forge them long and flat. You might want to try a graduated temper after you quench to see what colors you might want for tempering. Remember to try air quench then oil and lastly water. If it doesn’t harden or doesn’t harden enough you might try the next step to see if it’s better. 

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