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I just got a small forge for Christmas and want to make knives. I have made one so far, it's not finished but the basic blade and tang are there. At this point I'm forging that very very basic shape, and grinding from there. Basically my knife looks almost nothing like the profile I forged out. I need help, I don't know what size stock to use to get the desired length and thickness. Also I'm not sure how thick the finished profile shoul be compared to the finished blade I want to make.

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Have you read the knife section of this site? Have you read the book reviews on knives in the book section? Did you read the review on Introduction to knifemaking?  That book is available through the site.


Did you look at the bladesmithing section on the site? 

As of December 2017, there are 61,045 posts in the Bladesmithing section of IForgeIron.



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Welcome to the dark side of Blacksmithing. Honestly read the knife section stickies, wouldn’t hurt to read all the stickies. Helps to bring ones base knowledge up to ignorant. Helps ask the right questions so as to get the information you really need as well as interpreting the answers. 

I imagine one of the bladesmiths will come along soon

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