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burner size

Lou deMatteo

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What size is the pizza, how many toppings, and is it a coal fired oven, wood fired oven, charcoal fired over, gas oven, or electric oven?

Lots of questions need answers before we can hazard a guess. 

Please add your location, and if you deliver.

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We may not be the right people to ask.  We're typically trying to reach temperatures between about 1500 and 2300 degrees F.   Burners suitable for forging are most likely far less than ideal for making pizza.  Maybe someone on here has experience in that area, but I'm hesitant to give any advice since the application is so much different than anything I've done.

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1 hour ago, Glenn said:

Yes they do cook pizza using coal as a heat source.

Glenn. As I struggle to keep the weight off over the Holidays, I appreciate your posting of this inspiring video which endorses healthy eating.  At least as far as the pizza is concerned, I see a well balanced and nutritious combination of all of the necessary food groups.

Interesting how the coal is piled to one side of the oven. 

Robert Taylor

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