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Stubby hidden tang


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This knife was forged from a block of tool steel, it didn't end up how I thought. It was as meant to be a small hunter with a hilt but it didn't look right so ended up being a kind of stubby puukko.

Beech handle and Damascus guard & cap.

I wasn't overly happy with the result, the handle is a bit on the fat side and the guard didn't quite line up as it did when it was dry fitted. More learning!!





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Looks quite a bit like a traditional small puuko to me.  You could always hand sand down the handle a little, in place to make the transition to the guard more pleasing to you, but I don't think it is required.  We are always our won harshest critics, aren't we?  I like the pattern welded or wrought guard. 

Only constructive criticism I have is something that I struggle with as well, which is the "washing out" of the top of the primary bevel during hand sanding.  I believe that many puukos have a sort of rhomboidal crossection with a little reverse bevel towards the spine.  I'm going to try that on my next one to see if it makes things a bit more crisp (or possibly allows me to have a clear definition between a forged finish and the cleaned up bevel.

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Thank you Latticino, I've also thought about improving it by sanding the handle down. Might get round to it...

Yes definitely our own harshest critics!!

The light on the blade makes it look like its not a smooth finish. Its not as rhomboidal as it looks. Still room for improvement though ;).

Thanks again.


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