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Golf Club Bottle Opener

jeremy k

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By -  Jeremy Knippel



This will show the steps of how I forged a golf club bottle opener.

Of course more details could have been done on this, but it's only ment to have a resemblance of a golf club.

Again, this is more of the "process of forging" information I'm posting.


Step 1 - Isolate 7/8" of 1/2"x1/2 square bar on 2 sides and start to taper away from end.


Step 2 - Square taper back further for the shaft of the club.


Step - 3 Round off the square taper and forge the lump on the end on the diamond,

so as to get a wider shape and forge to an offset tapered wedge.


This is the end view of the offset wedge shape for the head of the club.


Step - 4 File the head to shape and chisel in some groves on the face of the head.


Step - 5 Bend the head to the desired angle/pitch to the shaft.


End view of the head bent to shape.


Another view.


Step - 6  forge a step down to approximately 1/4" thick and punch for the start of the hole for the opener.

 I also slightly chiseled in a mark that the bar will get cut off at with a curved chisel.


Step - 7 Cut the remaining excess material off. 


Step - 8 Drift the slot to round.


Step - 9 Using the horn on the anvil forge the ring to desire size and shape.

Using a flat ended round punch, I set in the bottle cap tab.


Side view.


The finished golf club bottle opener.


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