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power hammer treadle modification

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I raised my hammers up on timber risers , both to act as a cushion between the frame and anvil and the concrete foundation block as well as getting them up to a more comfortable working height.

I used pressure treated douglas fir glulam beams glued and through bolted for the risers. These were cut to closely follow the profile of the hammer base and were banded with a piece of 1/8'' flat bar to protect the edge of the wood.

Raising the hammer made it necessary to lower the treadle which I did with an extension with 3/16'' flat foot plates located  both in front of the dies as well as for approaching the dies lengthwise from the side.

This extension allows me to keep both feet solidly on the ground at all times , allowing much better control and  more stability in my stance  while running the hammer.

Because I have a dirt floor in the forge shop , I buried a wood block at grade so my heel doesn't dig a hole in the floor and there is a consistent  level spot  to work from.

These machines are dangerous , but having a balanced and easy to use foot treadle at the right height makes  makes a huge difference , both in control and safety.

Getting it set up correctly takes some time both in fabrication as well as getting the return spring tension adjusted properly.

A  return spring on both sides of my 100# Little Giant made all the difference in the treadle acton as well as the operation of the over the top band brake which is also activated through the treadle.










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My younger son at the 200# Beaudry forging 250 railing pickets .

 Raising the hammer put the bottom die at a comfortable working height, allowing good posture as well as a clear view of the work.

Dropped treadle keeps allows a relaxed  stance with both feet solidly on the ground.


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