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Metal thickness

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You would have to be a little more specific on your "simple knives". A simple paring knife or simple machete? There are many sized knives both length,width, and thickness. 

Its best to start with the closest size stock to the blade shape width and thickness you plan to make giving a little extra material for the grind. 

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43 minutes ago, Tubalcain2 said:

What is the best kind of animal?

The yummiest!

Often called knives the edges on a Champion 14H grader blade is 1" thick

Welcome aboard Redhood, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many of the gang live within visiting distance.

You may think we're messing with you. . . well we are but not out of meanness, we just get almost this exact question so often our responses are starting to slip into the ridiculous. Iforgeiron has something in excess of 45,000 members spread all over the planet and who knows there may be someone on the space station lurking. Last count members are spread over something like 150 countries. We're everywhere dude, EVERYWHERE!

So, you're shouting your question to the whole planet many don't speak English, the Brits don't think I do ad you know what? :P

You have to narrow things down or you won't get a meaningful answer you won't have to search hard to find in the maelstrom of helpful replies. Folk want to help, everybody does but like you they probably don't know so much about whatever the question is about but they still want to help and will tell you what they think. 

If you want a chance for answers that will help you have to ask good questions. Saying "simple" knife is meaningless, a grader edge is a definitive simple knife. A single edge razor is a simple knife. My old Buck sheath knife is a simple knife. My kitchen knives are mostly simple, the serrated blades are not so simple but they are made fr the same thickness stock.

At least tell us what kind of knife you want to make we'd LOVE to help but it's just not possible without knowing what YOU think you want to make. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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I agree with frosty. The best kinds of animals are the yummiest!  


Thickness of steel is just barely skinning the surface.  Need to know what kind of steel your planning to use too. Then we can talk about heat treatment or no ht if stock removal. Many knife steels come anealed. 

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