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homemade anvil - an exercise of stubbornness

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Where I live, the cost to make this project was cheaper than a cast Chinese ASO of equivalent weight!

I bought yesterday the hard facing rods. I went to the welding supplies manufacturer, I set with the technical staff for half an hour to advise with the type of rod to use and procedures to weld. Five kg of rods around 170 USD

I was advised to warm up the welding surface to about 200 C weld and smooth the hard facing in a single go and allow it to cool down really slow. They also told me not to weld more than 3 - 4 mm thick. Just hope the 5 kg of rods I bought will be enough for all the face and tail surface.


If you gentleman have further suggestions, please let me know




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Someday in the far future this anvil will come up on this forum with someone asking to identify the anvil they just bought :D

Great job.  I think this falls into the category of "I did it to see if I could do it."  You certainly made a practical and usable anvil.  Let us know how it works and rebounds.

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Caotropheus: The thread title is appropriate in spades. That is a heroic amount of work for a shape. I know how rarely I use the horn as anything but a bottom fuller and I've never used a square horn so I don't know how useful one is.

Beautiful job though, well done.

Frosty The Lucky.

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7 hours ago, JustAnotherViking said:

Do you use the 15kg Brooks much? 

Not much to tell you the truth. Most of all, it takes space on the shelf. The anvil I use the most is this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLsgFjkBQtg

the main body is made of the best steel you can get in the junk yard to improvise an anvil. The rebound is so good that  If I miss a blow, I will need a surgeon to replace my face!...

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