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Burner location on a small forge


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Okay guys. 

I'm building a small forge, and by small I mean coffee can forge. Instead of perlite like I've seen or sand and plaster I will be lining it with some kaowool I have (actually I think it's Inzwool brand) and coating that with some 3600 degree satanite refractory. My burner is a little steel tube with the end cap cut out into a rosebud torch shape. Inside the tube is a brass nipple with a coupler on the end of it with aspiration holes drilled in it and a low pressure quick connect on the end of it for my propane. My question is where I should drill my burner hole? Middle, toward the front or rear of the forge? The forge is open on both ends and I have some firebrick if I want to close off the back if I'm working on small material

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I can't say about your burner, not enough info let alone a pic. 

Bean can forges are excellent for the size and investment. Glad to see you've read enough to drop the idea of POP and anything for a forge liner. You have the right idea. How thick is the ceramic blanket? Satanite is a good product it'll serve you well though a kiln wash will make it last a lot longer.

Have you read through the gas forge section of Iforge? We've been talking about these things for quite a while, probably thousands of posts archived on just this subject. The site's search engine is pretty limp so use your standard favorite and add Iforge to the search terms. For instance search something like, "burner placement in bean can forges Iforge" and see what comes up. This was top of the hit list. https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/44862-how-to-make-a-bean-can-forge/

It's a general discussion of bean, soup, etc. can forges and IIRC burner orientation comes up a few times. Many things have changed since the first post was made on that thread though and the general consensus of how to handle, apply and treat ceramic blanket has changed significantly. Please read through the "Forges 101" thread for healthier ways to use ceramic blanket refractories, loose particles are a breathing hazard and there are things a person should do to be safe using the stuff.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thank you very much for your information. My ceramic wool is an inch thick. The can is about the size of a gallon paint can. I built a primitive coal forge last summer out of everyone's favorite, a brake drum. Worked great but coal is scarce in central Kansas. Its a 4 hour road trip every time I need to restock on anthracite but we have an abundance of propane, by golly. Don't need anything big. Everybody I know is into knifemaking but I'm going to try my hand at making flintlock and percussion guns

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