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I Forge Iron

Greetings, and happy solstice, from Fort Collins Colorado!

Origins of Iron

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Long time visitor, finally got around to making myself known.

A bit about me:

I'm fairly new to the art of Blacksmithing. I was gifted an Anvil and post vice from my SO's father January of this year (2017) decided not to let this gift go to waste and found i have "an eye" for this.

Less than a year later I have set up a decent little shop in my garage and am in the process of self-teaching the skill to become a blacksmith by trade...and you all have been a great help.


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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. Don't get yourself stuck on the idea there's something noble or admirable about being self taught. Sure it's good to be able to figure things out yourself but every hour you spend with an experienced smith is worth days of trying to figure it out yourself. Been there I have a closet full of the T shirts. Flatten your learning curve whenever possible!

Speaking of the days beginning to ease out of winter's black hole. Today's possible sunshine ran 5hrs. 13 minutes and we lost 3 seconds. Be a bit longer tomorrow though! :)

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks for the warm (ahem) welcome guys!

@ThomasPowers I'm right up the street from the VTH and my SO works there. This is quiet the location for animal lovers, to be sure!

Your quote couldn't be closer to the truth, as winter showed up yesterday - we'll not break above freezing for at least a week, making the after work hours in the garage forging rather brisk.

@TimberBull Main reason i decided to join is because ive been lurking for about a year, and now with a garage full of tools, iron, and coal, it seemed time to make myself visible. 

I was just up in Estes Park. Beautiful country indeed!

@Frosty I appreciate the advice, truly i do. Its not easy here finding a person to apprentice under, or even just go share ideas or space with thats not an hour drive away - and in a 1984 ford f350 that gets $$$. But to your point, thats why i decided to come out of the shadows and attempt to connect with folks - because im taking this seriously, and WANT to learn.

As for the sunshine...meh, we get average of 300 days of sun here. It's the sub zero evening temps that make the afterhours in the Smith "interesting" as im sure you can relate.

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