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Hello And Merry Christmas from Ga

Kevin Flanagan

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New here and new to blacksmithing, I've always had an intrest in it and recently built my first forge and started gathering tools of the trade. I've always been one to do things the old way, I am a firm believer that alot of skills and crafts are being lost to technology, I've been a wood worker since i was old enough to swing a hammer. I learned alot from my grand father many years ago. I still use alot of his old tools to this day. I'm looking forward to learning the smithing trade and feel I will learn alot here!

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Welcome to Glenn’s international block party.

those are lovely ladies in your profile picture, being the father to girls and grand father to girls, I have a soft spot.

remember as you gather tools, we are smiths, smiths make tools. It saves time and money. Few can really aford to start out with a cuple of grand in tools. Not only can we help you with basic skills, but how to do this on the cheap, and right.

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Just remember to some of us 100 years ago were the "new ways" of smithing! (Post the 1850's when the switch over to modern steel started with the Bessemer/Kelly process.) Now if you want to get a set of folks sitting in a circle and blowing into the fire through tubes, I'd suggest "Egyptian Metalworking and Tools", Shire Publishers...

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ABANA was started at Westville, Ga. (close to Columbus) in 1973.  The Alabama Forge Council's regional sub forge in in Phenix City, AL  You can contact them at PhenixCityinfo@alaforge.org or go to www.alaforge.org and explore from there.

Let me know if I can help you.  You can find my url and other contact info on my Profiles page.




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