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I Forge Iron

Blacksmith Organization of Arkansas, January 2018

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BOA Meetings scheduled for January, 2018:  

NW Chapter, Jan. 13, Eureka Springs, AR 

NE Chapter:  Jan. 6, Jonesboro, AR

Central Chapter:  No info available

River Valley Chapter:  No info available.

PM me for details if interested in attending a chapter meeting.  Visitors always welcome.

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Hey Arkie!

I just sent in my dues to BOA back in November after meeting a few of the guys at the Parker Homestead. I haven’t heard from anybody yet so I don’t know if they got my stuff or not. I’ve been kinda learning on my own via DVD and internet, and the old tried-and-true, “Well shoot! That didn’t work!”  I don’t get to forge nearly as much as I want to because the people that I work for unfairly insist that I show up for work whenever they say so. I don’t have a dedicated smithy yet (just wanted to use the word “smithy” in a sentence) but I am going to try to build one in the coming year. I haven’t found a source of coal that doesn’t need to come in a Loomis truck yet, so I use mostly chunk charcoal or “gasp” propane. I should also confess that I make mostly knives. This is apparently a severe character flaw. While making small talk at the Homestead with someone, I casually mentioned that I did more knife forging than anything else. At once the other smiths branded me a wild-eyed fanatic, and would only look at me through squinty eyes. Truth is, I make what people ask me for,   (which is mostly knives), and sometimes I make other stuff to answer the questions, 1. I wonder if I can make one of those and 2. I’ll bet you can’t make one of those, can you? You guys seem to have a lot of fun on this forum. I haven’t really posted much since I signed on in 2013(?) but if you guys don’t mind, I think I’ll just take a deep breath and jump in. It looks like a lot of fun. Talk to ya soon..


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On 12/29/2017 at 9:53 AM, Ricky said:

Hi again arkie,

i joined the NE Arkansas Chapter. I live in Jonesboro on the South end of Crowley’s Ridge. I’m about a good slingshots throw from the Craighead/Poinsett county line. 

Hi Ricky and welcome to IFI and the BOA... great bunch of folks who will have you making your own hammers in no time.:)

Just a hint if you edit your profile to show your location, it will show up with every post and all of us who suffer from CRS won't aggravate you about where you are.

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