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Armitage, Mousehole, late colonial? ID please

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My son and I have been using this anvil as we explore our new hobby.   I was recently told by another smith that our anvil is really old. Any help id’ing would be greatly appreciated.  Only marks are 1. 0.  9. 


Note that one of the feet looks to have been forge welded back on.

is this by chance armitage, mousehole, English London ..????








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The 1 0 9 or is it 1 0 19 refers to the weight it was when made.  1 0 9 would indicate it was 121 (or 131 lb).

The anvil is an English made anvil, though it is almost impossible to know which of about 300 different makers might have made it without some of a name showing.

The anvil was made up of many parts: all 4 feet were forged welded on, along with the horn and hardy end.  The anvil could have been made of 7 or more pieces of wrought forge welded together, along with the steel faceplate also forge welded on.

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