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kast-o-lite 30, how thin?

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I'm currently working on a new forge build, old (first) one has become a little  bit on the small side for some projects I'm wanting to work on. I do a fair bit of pattern welding, so higher temperatures.

I'm using Kast-o-lite 30 for the first time, and want to know how thin CAN you go with it. I know WayneCo uses 1/2", as does pretty much everyone else (then its probably for a good reason right?) when coating rigidized ceramic wool.

I'm just curious if 3/8 inch, or 1/4 inch would work or not. Is the 1/2 thickness needed for strength? heat retention properties (not letting too much heat get to the wool)? something else I have no idea about?

I'm going to finish coat with ITC-100, I would buy new matrikote or plistex, but I obtained free ITC-100 from the local community college's ceramics guy; it 'expired' and would have just been thrown away so I'm using that.  He said it had been on the shelf for ~2years and never opened. It is still quite wet, so I figured why not?



Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.


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I have always cast about 1/2" thick just because of the space between the blanket and the edge of the door and it has always worked well.  I see no reason that 3/18" would not work well and may be even 1/4" .  3/16" seems a little bit thin but try it and let me know how well it lasts.

If I had free iTc-100 I would use it too!

Let me know if I can help you.


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