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Can someone tell me if ferric Chloride freezes if so how to stop it.

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Hey all I was wondering if someone can help me. I live in southern Michigan and our winter is here. Can someone tell me if Ferric Chloride freezes and if it does what can be done to not let this happen other than keeping a warm shop. I have not brought it out to the shop yet and I am not wanting to keep it in the house any longer.   Thank you all and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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Freezing depends on the ambient temperature and the percentage of ferric chloride in your solution. (water::FeCl3).

You can carefully store the ferric chloride in a tamper proof container, and keep it indoors and out of the way, (basement?), until needed. Or do the whole procedure in house.


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Thank you fellas this is what I was thinking , Rather than cut the FC with water can I use vinegar or should I use the water and just keep it warm somehow . Either in the house or frige/light

Hey got another idea how about a low voltage aquarium heater I have one that wont go above 78 degrees F . Put the ferric chloride in a PVC tube at the top drill a hole were the cap is insert the heater then seal the heater cord using silicone caulk. This way when I need to use it just unplug the heater pop the lid and insert blade.. Is this a good idea? Thanks for the great replys Slag and T. Powers

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You can use lime juice, vinegar, muriatic acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid various mixes.  Shoot I've even used tea, tannic acid, before.

Note the weak acids don't provide much topo; but sometimes they are great at differentiation.  I like using hot vinegar and salt for etching my BSB&PS billets.

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