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Copper or bronze crystal


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I know this isn’t a tool but I thought I’d put this up to see if anyone has ever seen anything like it. It’s either copper or bronze. About 7” Long and weighs roughly 10lbs. Looks like a crystal cluster. Was found in the woods. Closest thing nearby was an Amtrak rail line. Sorry I can’t get any better pictures I don’t actually have the item. I’m putting it up for a friend. 



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Herr Charles,

I think that you are on to something.

The first moment I saw the artifact, Quartz crystals came to mind. Subsequent viewings have further impressed upon me that it sure looks like petrified quartz crystals.

Good show sport,


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If you look into how the crystals are shaped it can tell you what minerals it could have come by.  I know of no copper crystals that large or that shape natural or artificial. Quartz or Tourmaline come to mind; but I'd have to hunt out my copy of Dana's Mineralogy to double check.

I also don't recall a natural bronze alloy existing...

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Gentlemen / Ladies,

SLAG Industries,  L.L.P. has risen to the occasion and commenced study and analysis of the artifact.

Preliminary investigations and tests have helped us to rule OUT it being a coprolite. 

Further studies are ongoing and more test results, are imminent.

All I.F.I. denizens will be apprised of them as soon as we receive and study them.

Back to our researchings.

Regards to all.


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You had to investigate and test to determine that isn't a "Coprolite?" If that were petrified dung I wouldn't like to meet the critter. It had to be in a REALLY BAD mood all the time. I'm thinking typo sort of thing here Slag, turn the page and look again.

You didn't mean Chalcopyrite did you? Wrong crystal for sure. WAY better speculation though.

It COULD be a form of galena but I doubt it, galena is a lead pyrite and almost never anything but the typical cubic shape of the pyrite family. Still it's possible I've seen some weird galenas. I THINK lead has such a low melting temp it can crystallize faster than atomic bonds can shape it properly.

I like the trophy or award speculation. Check with the local gem and mineral clubs.  

Frosty The Lucky. 

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Your chalcopyrite suggestion is very much appreciated. That tip has been passed onto the investigative staff, here, at SLAG. Industries L.L.P.

I can tell you that they are very excited. Thanks.

We are coming around to Mr. Dragon's point of view (suggestion). It has much academic merit.

Further research findings will be reported here promptly, rest assured.



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14 hours ago, Irondragon Forge & Clay said:

My thought is it's a headstone marker for someone who was a geologist/mineralogist.

Pilfered from the headstone to sell as scrap. In our area it was a common crime when scrap copper or bronze was going for a high dollar amount.

Mounting holes or lugs would be diagnostic. 

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