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I recently acquired a anvil from my dad and was wondering if i could get any info on the brand and possibly the date it was made from what I've seen it may be an early Trenton but some one has chiseled the name off. The foot under the horn is stamped from left to right 112 185326 and the bottom has a oval shaped indentation in it. The anvil has been also welded at the waist. And the front and back edge of the feet are stepped.

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1 hour ago, Daswulf said:

Maybe they were upset that it broke at the waist. Looks torch burnt from the photo. 

Oh come on Das, sure he's new but even a REALLY new guy isn't going to believe he burnt an anvil taking a photo. :rolleyes:

The damage to the side does look like it could be from a cutting torch or possibly having the wrong kind of metal leaning against it under the leaky roof. I'd bet on an idiot with a cutting torch though.

Frosty The Lucky. 

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