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Vertically sliding forge door


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Okay so, recently a while back I saw a forge that had a vertically sliding forge door activated by a lever. I cannot for the life of me find the picture of it or of one In general. I'm kinda tossing the idea around of building one because I love the design, but I would like to see a picture of one and see how the lever system would work. I have  an idea in my head on how to go about this regardless. I just think it would help to see a picture.

Anybody seen/know what I'm talking about? I saw the picture on instagram but after an hour of searching I came up with nothing. I saw another video on YouTube a year or so ago of one. Any help would be appreciated!

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I considered doing somthing like that but wound up just making the vertical opening ajustable with two old bolts welded to the verticaly sliding door that lead through a shelf welded to the top of my forge. I eaither ajust it before lighting or to ajust it hot use  a deepwell socket to spin the nuts by hand .

i figure i can add a lever system later someday using the bolts as both guides / attachment points


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Hey, I've been meaning to get the pics and post them for you. I take classes and rent space at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, WA and haven't gone since you asked. These are some pics of their larger forge with a vertical sliding door. Please excuse the quality, its back lit and the forge was on, so  I couldn't always get the shots I wanted.

The door is cast refractory and has seen better days. Lot's of students knocking work against it while hot and a fair share of novice forge welding with way too much flux have passed through this door.

I will be there again next weekend if you want close ups of any other parts of it. Its a simple lever with a weight on it so balance the door a but, with a couple of pulleys and a wire. Door is in a simple track made of angle iron, C channel and some flat stock. I can't tell you how they case the door, it was done quite a few years ago and I haven't really looked that closely.





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