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Question about antique patterns


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Hi! We're looking for some information regarding buggy and sleigh patterns. My husband's grandfather was the last working blacksmith in Peshtigo, WI. We're currently cleaning out the family farm, getting it ready for sale. We have many, many antique wooden sleigh and buggy pattern pieces. Wondering if there's a market for these, as well as possible pricing & where to sell them. Pictures attached. Will appreciate your feedback. In addition we've got some tools. 

Thanks for your time
















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Nice collection of patterns, they look like a similar collection that resides in my barn and have for 40+ years.  I paid $5 for the entire pickup load and I was the only bidder that didn't plan on using it for kindling.  I've tried to give them to a couple museums but they have had no  interest.   The big sled runners appear to be from heavy farm or logging rigs, I've got them as well.

I have no idea what will become of mine esp. now that antiques have little or no value and a lot of Horse drawn vehicles being built are fiberglass not wooden.  I'd guess that it will  be easier and profitable selling the hub cap than the patterns.  The piece on the right of the 4th picture with the hole and hook on the ends may be from a sled brake chain?  

Big question is where are these located.      

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