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Will my flypress table be to light?


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I'm building a stand for my #6 flypress and am wondering if I'm building it to light duty. Looking at my steel pile, I have a bunch of 4"x4"x1/8" square tube for the leg columns/bracing and some 1/4" plate steel for the top of the stand, I plan on having 3 or 4 legs bolted to the floor.  Will those 4x4 legs probably keep up the the flypresses torqe without distorting? 

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I got my flypress from a friend  that gave it to me. The flypress was attached to a flimsy stand made out of angle iron with simple horizontal bracing and wood top. The angle iron legs and top braces dimension is  70 mm X 70 mm X 5 mm. The bottom horizontal braces are only 40 mm X 40 mm X something thin. The press weighs in the region of 400 kg and the "flywheel" bar is 1.5 metres long with 12 kg for each counterweight. While first trying the press in the original setup the stand would twist on itself like a "cork screw". I reinforced the stand with some more vertical and diagonal braces and the stand is now very sturdy. I even reinforced the angle iron by welding 12 mm X 12 mm square stock I had laying around. 

Setlab, so, I think that if you put some diagonal braces in your stand with the material you have available, the stand will work fine, but you have to bolt the stand to the floor. 



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The torque of the press has four places to go:

1) Tearing apart the mechanism

2) Tearing apart the stand

3) Walking the stand across the floor

4) Deforming the workpiece 

The design and construction of the press should take care of #1. Building a super-rigid stand with lots of mass and diagonal bracing should take care of #2. Anchoring the base to the floor should take care of #3. That will leave nowhere for the force to go but into your workpiece. 

May the Force be with you. 

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