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First forge hopefully only forge


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How would yall insulate this forge? 

1 or 2 x 3/4" burners? 

•12"L x 6"W x 6"T inside finished demensions 

• sliding front door (up and down) fire brick for pass threw on back

•covered in 1/8" mild steel with 1/4" wrap around mild steel for sliding work into and out of forge and storage on side

• expanded metal shelf underneath 

• hanging rack on one side for tools

This is my first forge and there are so many different ways to insulate it I wanted to know how yall would do it? I' looking to be able to get to forge welding temps for damascus work one day. Also wanting to build one sword for myself (hints the pass threw). What also like this to consume the least amount of propane as possible. What are your suggestions on things I should change or things I should add I have roughly a $200 budget which can be fudge to little bit not including the burners or the 1/8" or 1/4" steel for the outside. So $200 for insulation purposes. Please excuse my hands scratch on the drawings (there's a reason I don't write papers for a living).



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I'd still have my first jeep but I traded it to a family member for a boat to get my Guide buisness going and I'm fixing to buy it back from him so I'd say it worked out great. Also said hopefully only forge as in one that will do what I'd like it to do without having to have multiple forges for different things

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Inside dimensions 6x6x12 is 432cubic inches fornthat you will meed 2 3/4" burners.  


For insulation 2 layers of 1" 8# blanket each layer ridgidized.  Followed by a 1/2" layer of kastolite 30 once cured put a coat of matrikote on it.


You can purchase all of this from wayne coe at his sight. Youll need 4square feet of wool (2 linear) probablt 10# of kastolite and 1 pont of matrikote.

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Thomaspowers wat I was mor or less trying to get at was I'm wanting a forge that can do a little bit of everything not just good a one thing. Sorry for the confusion. My bad.

As I'm fairly new to forge building  (obviously) what dose rigidized mean? The only thing I can find is the the cheaply built in a back yard for $5 forges on YouTube. Is there a really good video or article that explains in detail how and what all this means.

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Forges 101 here on the site also wayne coe has a set of forgw plans on his site.  Ridgidized is important and i cant find a good youtube video on how to.  (maybe something for one of the toutubers who frequent these forums to consider) 

You will nees fumed silica+water+food dye+2 spray bottles (one clean water and one with ridgidizer mix) note you can also use paint brushs if youd like or hvlp guns or a super soaker if you feel inclined.

Mixturei use is 1cup silica per 1 quart of water with a few drops of food coloring.  Make your mixture first. 


While wearing a good resperatory take out your blanket measure it and cut it to size.  Place the first layer of blanket in the forge shell.  Spritz it down with the clean water doesnt have to be soaked just moist.  Then spray it down withthe mix.  The food coloring will allow you to see where you have gotten and how deep its penetrating.  Get it all and get it good.  Let it sit and penetrate in.  (personaly i just come back the next day but i th8nk a couple hours to soak is more than enough).  Now you need to fire it so the fumed silica will "melt and harden the blanket.  I use a weed torch.  When your down the blanket should be fairly stiff (its a blanket it will still compress but you should have to use some force to make it happen).  If it is not hardened repeat process.  If it is hard put in layer 2 and repeat.  Remember if your touching ceramic blanket wear a resperator.  Bug eyes and rubber gloves are a highly recomended plus but a resperator is a must.

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17 hours ago, T.J. said:

I'm wanting a forge that can do a little bit of everything not just good a one thing.

I have found that tools that can do a little bit of everything, do nothing well. I am very wary of Youtube videos when it comes to building potentially dangerous equipment by people who haven't a clue on how to build them.

BTW: welcome to IFI, if you edit your profile to show your location, you may be surprised how many members are near you and a lot of answers are location dependent.

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Thanks for all the help guys this has definitely given me a huge leap in the right direction as far as what materials to use. I will definitely try to keep yall informed on how the build is going as I build it and I'll definitely be doing some more poking around on here.

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