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Ye ol’e slippery Stuff

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Somewher on here someone gave the recipe for ye ol’e slippery stuff for a punch lube but i couldent find the thread again to give credit to ya 

well i made some and i just want to say wow this stuff really works incredable 

thanks to you oh master of punch lube

1 part molibdanum dysulfide powder

3 parts graphite powder by weaight 

just enough water to make a paste and jus a dab of dishsoap to break surface tension

bottomed out a 1/4 round punch in 1 hit in 1/2 plate granted i was using a #5 flypress but the punch came right out and the steel was not held down

if you havent tried it you should



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Sounds like a workable lube. Being water paste I suspect it sticks to the punch when you dip it and it dries. Oil or grease based lubes sometimes  melt and wipe off. 

Have you tried powdered lithium? 

Believe it or not I find common auto shop "anti seize" works darned well for punch lube but it tends to get on every darned thing.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I have a tin can full of beeswax and graphite that sits in a convenient holder on my anvil stand when I'm punching. Hit, hit, dip, hit, hit, dip, repeat as needed. The heat of the punch melts just enough lube to coat, and the main supply is solid to the touch when not in use.

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Ayup, that's antiseize, put a dab on a bolt and it takes forever to get it wiped off your elbows. We used it on casing and drill rod so we could break them lose and unscrew the stuff. Dry joints drill rod don't break free though you CAN break them. . . the bad way that is.

We used copper coat Antiseize, I still have cold weather gear that's stained with it. I use it to lube the guides and link arms on my power hammer, works WAY better than grease or oil and it's super sticky so it doesn't drip or sling. I bought the stuff in a spray can with the little squirty tube so I can fire it right in the oiler holes. The old Little Giant LOVES it's Antiseize . . . Well I do anyway and I get final say. ;)

Frosty The Lucky.

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