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New to the crew... And knife making

Louie DeBono

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What's up folks. Louie here.. Army veteran and proud American hailing from Suwannee County FL off the banks of the Suwannee river. According to my kids I'm a "noob" in the knife making game, and stumbled onto this forum. I have so many questions, but thougt I'd introduce myself. For the past 3 months I've been turning old lawnmower blades and broken chair legs  into knives,  with only an angle grinder and a dremel tool. I just recently built a forge,  as best  I could from a tank off an old air compressor. Can yall recommend, in addition to this site, any other sources for info on forges, blacksmithing and knife making? Threw in a pic of some of my non forged lawnmower blade knives. Thank in advance. And God bless 


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Hi Louie, if you will edit your profile to show your location you may be surprised how many members are near you and a lot of answers are location dependent. We will probably not remember you are in Suwannee County FL after we leave this post. Your knives look good to me and you will be surprised how hot metal moves to make any kind you want.

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On 12/11/2017 at 5:43 PM, Frosty said:

Welcome aboard Louie, glad to have you. Thanks for serving. 

If you have some pics of your set up I'm sure we'll be able to come up with suggestions. Some might even be helpful.  :ph34r:

Frosty The Lucky.

Thx brother. I'm really so new to this and am learning as I go, and from studying the stuff you guys post. I started with just a pocket knife to widdle the wood into handles and a Porter Cable angle grinder for cutting the metal. Since I recently quit  drinking (not as easy as it sounds, I've been buying one tool a month when I get my Veterans pension. So far I have acquired a Fortney stick welder, a dremel tool, circular saw, some wood carving chisels, a table saw, an air compressor and rotary tool, a Littletown No 25 vise, and a variety of hand tools.. Hammers, an antique brace (drill) and so on. (it's amazing how much money I was spending on booze haha). All my materials are recycled from our local dump. Old lawnmower blades, chair legs etc. I built a forge but am still studying how to use em. Still working out the kinks  on a bellows. 

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13 minutes ago, Charles R. Stevens said:

Well we started hanging out on Glenn’s virtual front porch...

...things have kindove grown and overflowed into the streets. 

Well that sounds right up my alley. Yall be thankful I quit drinking... I've been known to shed my clothes and do a little break dancing after  too much Jameson and and Guinness. Haha You got a link my friend? How do I get to there 

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Mr. DeBono,

Welcome to the site. It is a wonderful resource for information and experienced & knowledgeable people.

We all started out as newbies. There is no need to consider yourself inadequate for that reason.




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Louie, I lived in Suwannee county before I moved to TN. Still have some really good friends there.  Stop by Beaver Trucking on Helvenston St. and talk to Mitch Beaver. You can see if he has some old leaf springs from big trucks. normally some fairly decent "mystery steel"  Tell him Jack from Red Boiling Springs TN. sent you. Last time I was at his shop he had quite a collection.

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