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Hi Guys

i am looking to start selling my work next year and was wondering which shows to go to ? What sort of shows would the public be interested in Blacksmithing products? Craft Fayres? I am based in Manchester uk but don’t mind travelling to shows if I knew which ones to go to?

thanks in advance


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You'd probably be best starting local to get a bit of experience with setting up a stall, working on the presentation of your goods, build a bit of a brand, see what sells, what doesn't, then think about some of the bigger ones. 

Drive around your local area and keep an eye out for church halls and similar community buildings as they'll usually have posters advertising their craft fairs. 

The benefit is they are usually easy to get a stall at, fairly cheap and not too far to travel. 

Get a few of those under your belt and get talking to other stall holders. Those will be the ones with the local knowledge of where to try next. 

Some of the bigger ones can cost hundreds to get a stall vs £10 - £20 at a local event, so if you find someone with a complimentary offering at a smaller event, it could be an opportunity to share the costs for a bigger one? 

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Note: if you would tell us what type of stuff you do; someone might be able to make a good suggestion----if you only do ECW historical replication items a "modern Garden" show is probably not a good fit.  Bottle openers probably not a good fit at a Baptist Church fair, etc.

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