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Age of a 130# hay budden

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On 12/9/2017 at 7:45 PM, sandlapper said:

I would like to know the age of a 130# hay budden  anvil serial#either A12600 or A13600. Thanks

Welcome to the forum.

If you edit your profile to show your location, you may be surprised how many of the gang are near you and a lot of answers are location dependent. As far as when your Hay Budden was made someone with a copy of Anvils in America will be able to tell you approximately when she was made. Hay Budden started using an A prefix to the serial number around 1918 so yours was made after that date.

It's a good looking usable anvil just as it sits, however many anvils have been ruined by welding and grinding on the faces. I hope seriously that hasn't happened to your excellent anvil.

How is the ring and rebound on it?

Might want to read through this thread,


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