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This is my first post so bear with me. 

This will be my first Anvil and I have the capability to fix most problems including welding but with that said what do you think of this one. Seller doesn't know much about it except that it's an American anvil and in excess of 100 lb. He is asking  $175.

Same thing with the next pictures owner says they are around 100 lb and  Swedish made. He's asking  $275 each.

Any help or advice would be very appreciated. I'm thinking the first ones probably a pass. Lol







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The first is a Fisher, which is generally considered an excellent anvil. That one is in pretty bad shape, though. Welding is NOT recommended; you can really mess up the heat treatment of the top if you don't know what you're doing.

Swedish anvils (especially the cast steel ones) are generally high quality, and one of these could be worth the investment.

Please read Anvils: A beginner buyers guide; you will find this VERY helpful.

Also, please add your general location to your profile settings. Anvil prices vary widely by region, and what looks like a decent price for one area might be exorbitant (or a total steal) for another.

Welcome aboard! 

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Thanks for the reply JHCC. I did read that thread, Very helpful. I am confident in my welding, I have been in the fabrication industry for most of my life and understand the heating process. I just don't know if it's worth the time and effort on these particular ones. (I know very little about anvils) 

Just so the info is out there I plan on using one ever day so I will need it to stand up to a good beating. 

I'm in Georgia btw. Profile updated. Thanks again. 

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disclaimer, i know nothing about welding such anvils. but keep in mind that appears to be a cast iron body with hardened steel face. if the same process that they use to make Vulcans was used here it was added while the cast iron was still molten in the mold afaik. That may make for a really interesting composition to try and weld. 

Given the the price of welding rod, and your time welding/grinding i'd value it (and the chance of failure) at well over the 100$ you'd save on passing on the swedish anvil. under 3$/lb seems like a steal on those as well compared to my area. 

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If I were in GA and had the wherewithal to pay $275 for a 100 lb Swedish anvil in good shape, I would definitely consider it (you might even try some haggling to see if the seller will take less if there's cash on the table). That's an excellent anvil, and 100 lbs is a good weight, especially if anchored solidly on a heavy stand.

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Lots to consider. I'd hate to pass on the amrican one but for the price and time...

Definitely going to get one of the Swedish ones if he's negotiable on the price. He promised a friend one of them so can't get both, not that I need 2 anyway, just don't want to see them sit unused. They are tools after all. 

And then there's this $45. Even I know what this is lol 


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How about welding a hardie shank on the thick piece of steel to lay over  the top, may have to dress it up first,, then can be used for lighter stuff maybe ,  if thick enough drill some holes for scrolling/ bending pins,  and maybe even for striking

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