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DIY leg vise on YouTube


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Good Morning Folks,

I have been mulling a leg vise for a while and I saw this video on YouTube where the smith made the vise out of forklift tine! I got to wonder how long it took to cut the hole for the screw with the a hole saw. No spring on the vise but it seems like a good concept.

This is a tool that looks like it will last for a very long time. I don't know if he is on IFI but I would not mind seeing more of his stuff.



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Funny story about water cutting. I went to L Miller and Sons here in Huntsville to ask about how much it costs to water jet or plasma cut something. They told me "we can't tell you a price without a design to work from" bottom line they could not tell me anything about pricing w/o a CAD file to put in the system. I figured I would go for something just across the border in to crazy land so I gave them a CAD file for a swage block. When I checked back with them they wanted to know what I was smoking. They asked "do you know how much it will cost to cut that!" I told them I did not know since they can't give me a price w/o a CAD file. The guy went on to tell me that it costs a given dollar figure per minute or work and the water jet needs some number of minutes per inch of thickness for a given number of linear inches. I thanked the guy and told him that is what I needed to know. I told him I was sorry for submitting such a large item but that was all I had on hand and I really had no idea how much it cost.

I guess when you are elbows deep in CNC water and plasma cutting day in and day out you forget what the uninitiated may or may not know. Ether way I agree that getting a water cut hole in this case would be the best idea.


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Don't under estimate hole saws - although I was just cutting thru A36 plate - but I cut 2 holes 2" diameter thru 1" thick plate in less than 45 minutes with a cheap Ace Hardware hole saw and A Millwakee mag drill on low speed. The hole saw - other than the paint worn on it was still like new when I finished. Also - no oil (such a messy deal) just compressed air to keep it cool. Just the other day I used a 1-3/8" hole saw to cut a couple holes in some 3" pipe for welding in a pipe sleeve for an adjustable hinge with threaded 3/4" rod. I love hole saws!!!!

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