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Boss Power Hammer

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Do any of you have a Boss Power Hammer? These were made in Dubuque, IA in the early 1900's and other places later on. The hammer has a large cast "anvil" and a steel tube pipe frame with the main shaft, clutch, pitman, etc. mounted to plates on top of the tubes. Where do you find the size / weight? Good hammers? Any other data would be appreciated. Jim Carothers, Saltfork Craftsmen ABA, Oklahoma.

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HI: Eric Sprado here. Was farrier for 25 years and am now(after 15 year hiatus)starting to smack some iron. Am trying to reply to man who was asking about Boss power hammer. I just bought one this week and,coincidentally,so did my friend Ben Barrett. They both are still in "shaft mode" and need motors installed. Any help out there? Thanks, Eric Sprado

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Yes Jim, I have a Boss hammer.  I have pictures of it somewhere.  Lemmie see if I can find them.


OK, I bought the hammer as a wreck.  I did large machine work and built other pieces.  It works very well for me but has been stored at a friends until I can get the other hammer moved.  Looking forward to getting the Boss home.






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these are amazing hammers for their build and size.... ive owned one ,that ive now sold to the guys @old moneta ironworks.... seems to me to hit much harder than an equalsize little midget... hammer was built to portable( break it down and carry it down into a mine).... fyi saw a recent posting here on an unidentifed power hammer... looked to be a HEAVY 100lb shop built verison of the boss......edit... pic of shopbuilt boss in post in hammer forum under "interesting hammer"

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