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Idle Circuit with double Frosty Burner


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I finally got around to making an idle circuit for my Frosty burner forge.  These are 1/2" frosty burners and the forge body is from an old transit case..   I need to make a support bracket but otherwise it works great.

If anyone ever has trouble with Mikey or Frosty burners, I suggest you make sure that all your connections are tight with yellowt gas tape and make sure the MIG tip is tightened all the way.  





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Haha, Life’s too short to make and own only one burner style. I have more stainless to make more Mikey burners that I look forward to  finishing.   I still need to finish my stainless shell forge.    Yes, a ribbon is on the list.   You know how it goes, there’s always more projects then time.

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