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I  prefabricated the  various components on the bench and painted them except in the areas of the final welds.  The components were the  pivots with mounting  plates, vertical mast and horizontal beam.

First I mounted the pivots to the structural post in the shop with big through bolts and back plates . I hung a chainfall from a rafter above    and pulled the vertical mast up into position and  attached it with the pivot pins.

Another setup with two chainfalls slung from above from the rafters  allowed me to get the beam up and in position against the  top of the mast easily and safely. I  clamped it off and secured it from above with a strap for a redundant safety backup and when everything was aligned and in place, welded it solid.

I had designed and prefabricated the components so that all the critical welds were either  flat or horizontal. After things cooled down I painted the weld zones , mounted the trolley and chainfall and was in business.

The second crane was a little trickier since I didn't have enough height above to lift the beam straight up so I hung a chainfall from a nearby tree and another one in line on the building and by lifting vertically on one and pulling horizontally  on the other managed to get it up and in place  for welding without too much trouble. 

By taking your time and thinking things through  , it's possible to do a lot if you are careful , rig things right and stay clear  if something goes awry.

Sometimes an extra hand is helpful for jobs like this and sometimes it's just a needless distraction.

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thanks for the right advice, my problem is not the welding but the rotating support of the hinge, if I do not realize it robust, when I load the crane gives and I beheaded the head, if you could give me pictures drawings measures would you do me big favor, even of the diagonal tie sorry if I disturb you and take advantage of your patience, but the security above all, the scope is modest, but the arm weighs 40 kg, the cart and the hoist 20, kg plus the weight to be lifted, if the zipper yields and falls from 3 meters high we hurt ourselves thanks again sorry if I bothered you again thanks again


Risultati immagini per paranco a bandiera meccanica e dintorni

Immagine correlataRisultati immagini per paranco a bandiera meccanica e dintorniRisultati immagini per paranco a bandiera meccanica e dintorni


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La struttura è stata progettata per resistere a una struttura più robusta e robusta a prova di indebolire la colonna dell'edificio, la gru riposa l'equilibrio alla trave d'acciaio, la trave in acciaio il saffo alla colonna in cemento armato attraverso staffe e grosse barre d'acciaio, devo trovare i vari materiali, sto lavorando grazie


The structure was designed to withstand a more robust and robust structure to weaken the column of the building, the crane rests the balance to the steel beam, the steel beam the saffo to the reinforced concrete column through brackets and big steel bars, I have to find the various materials, I'm working thanks






Swing arm hoist boom







Risultati immagini per swing hoist

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I thank you for your intervention, I have to be honest, I was going to buy the iron to make the structure, then I stopped I had a conscience of conscience, if you give the zipper I'm afraid you hurt some one if not you I ask too much could you make me the photo of the support of the pin where the column crosses the pillar thanks, I was taking a 100 mm beam for the column and a Ipe 120 mm long 3.70 meters for the crossbar the hoist and the cart I have them already taken, I have to establish the bolts for the pins / creme 26 mm thick) and the tie rods to hook the upright column to the pillar (crd 20 mm in diameter to 60 cm in length) thanks again for your valuable intervention sorry all if I'm getting bored with this discussion thanks to the next I hope soon.

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Don't apologize! You are anything but boring my friend! It's a challenge to understand your posts but I enjoy the challenge it must be a lot harder on your side of the language difference.

For the most part the pivots on jib boom cranes in the pictures don't have bearings. A close fit between the inside (Pin) and the outside (sleeve) is all you need. Place a grease fitting in each sleeve so you can provide a film of grease and it'll move freely for years. If you wish to help it swing more easily weld an end cap on top of the pin and grind it flush. Do the same for the top sleeve. Center punch the center of the pin and place ONE ball bearing in the punch  mark, hold it in place with grease while you install it. The bearing will last years but if it starts making a grinding sound just lift the jib off and replace it. If you use a ball bearing this way you'll need to put the upper grease fitting where it will fill the space around the ball. Plenty will migrate down to lubricate the sleeve.

I've built a few jib boom cranes and have never needed the ball bearing on top, that's more common to wind vanes but is a good low friction device. It won't come under much weight either, most of the weight carried by the boom translates to the back sides of the pin, NOT the top. It's a BIG lever.

Aligning the top and bottom sleeves is easy, just make the pin component long enough to reach both sleeves. The longer the mounting  plate the stronger it will be.

If you're not sure about building a jib boom you will be much better off buying one, maybe even having it installed. Peace of mind is worth a lot, the last thing you want to do is live with a tool or piece of equipment you don't trust.

Frosty The Lucky.

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you say that I can build the boom without bearing thrust pads how? actually the bolts and the tie rods I found them I have difficulty in finding the bearings to make the boom swivel you have alternative solutions, if you would give me the courtesy to send me photos, as a boom beam I chose a ipe of 120, as a hea pillar of 100 high 4 matri I hope they are sufficient for a range of 500 kg, if it were a useful capacity higher sincerely bought a crane approved to be safe, anyway thank you again excuse me for the trouble I gave you the next





pivot shaft swing boom hoist 

Risultati immagini per swirl boom jib craneNuovo design di pivot





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hinge? pintle? pivot? trust bearing ?

I can not find the right pieces for the rotating turntable boom turntable support, I do not find the right bearing for the bolt pin, I believe I have to build modified piece on the lathe, do you have any suggestions? I thought it was enough to cut the drill bit and screw it, instead I have to build a hinge on the lathe, advice? thank you






Gru a bandiera con braccio a tiranti




Risultati immagini per hinges for jib crane homemade




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