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Hello from Oklahoma


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Greetings all!

New smith up and running. Have a 1 burner propane forge, a RR ASO, and a 3 lbs hammer and ready to make some... nails and s hooks right now.

Been lurking for about a year and now took the plunge and set up my own stuff. Will continue to read all I can and practice as much as time allows. 

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Welcome aboard D, glad to have you. I dated a girl named Ada once and I'm having a LOT of trouble not picking up the straight line. 

Show us some pics of your kit, we will most assuredly have suggestions you don't need to take. We have ideas all the time occasionally a good one too.

ASO stands for (Anvil Shaped Object) RR rail unless someone has done a ruinous amount of torch and grinder work IS an anvil, not an ASO. Cast iron Chinese or Mexican forgery anvil shaped objects are too soft to do good work for long, then they're all scarred up good for maybe the hardy hole, door stop, garden at of keeping your boat from drifting off. 

RR rail is high carbon low alloy steel and makes a fine anvil and are most efficient mounted on end. Charles Stevens started an excellent thread about all the incredibly useful things you can grind in the web and flanges. Don't get hung up on needing a horn, they aren't as useful as intuition says and can be improvised easily. A hardy hole is FAR more useful. Check out the "Portable Hole" section here.

Frosty The Lucky.

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On 11/27/2017 at 8:45 PM, ThomasPowers said:

Have you attended any of the Salt Fork Craftsman meetings yet?  www.saltforkcraftsmen.org/       They have meetings at various places around the state and have a lot of great people in those groups.

Will definitely be joining. Thanks for the welcome. 

On 11/27/2017 at 8:32 PM, Frosty said:

Welcome aboard D, glad to have you. I dated a girl named Ada once and I'm having a LOT of trouble not picking up the straight line. 

Thanks for all the info. Will post setup in another section for the feedback... should be interesting. lol.

On 11/27/2017 at 9:07 PM, Charles R. Stevens said:

Welcome to Glenn's international block party.

I can wait to meet the man himself. 


Thank you all for the replys. It feels surreal to have a direct message from some of the biggest names on the site. I can't wait to see what havoc... er, machinations I can bring forth.

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Glenn is sneaky, he rather enjoys going to blacksmith meetings and remaining incognito. Unlike Thommas with his ID gear. 

The so called big names on IFI are simply good hearted folks trying to learn from and help other smiths. Some like frosty have to much time on their hands others like Thommas need some stress relief wile waiting on programs to compile, some like Steve belive in this project of Glenn's. 

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