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Can anyone ID or explain?

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Can anyone help me identify this and maybe explain how it looks so terrible?  It has no marking on it what so ever.   My Grandfather just gave it to me and he said: "It's so old even I don't know where it came from!"  Also is there any way to restore it?  Thank you.


The 0-F Wrangler horseshoe is for scale.






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LOCATION!  I have a used car can you tell me if it's a ford, a trabant, a citroen; or a lada?  What piece of information would help narrow it way down?  LOCATION!  Really; we have people from over 100 countries participating in these forums on the World Wide Web.

What we can say is that it looks to once be a good anvil with a forge welded face; now severely damaged!

Read up on the Robb Gunter method of anvil repair for suggestions.

Also what does the underside look like and are there any numbers on the front of the "feet" under the horn?

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My grandfather is from the northern California area (Greenville, Redbluff, and now Yreka).  As for the underside, there are no markings, just some pitting.  Sorry, I am not super knowledgeable about anvils.  I've only been a farriers apprentice for about seven months.

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Fatfudd, That'd be awesome if someone could point me in that guy's general direction?  It's a family anvil and I'd actually like to use it, take care of it, and pass it along.  Along with the anvil was a ton of great blacksmith and farrier tool (that I can fix up myself) but I cant do the anvil.

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I've had a couple of anvils repaired at Anvil repair days held by various ABANA affiliates; my last one I had a great smith and a professional welder (he teaches welding at a local college) do a repair on a 400+ pound anvil that had be abused by mine maintenance folks. Proper preheat, proper rod, and mad welding skills to boot, (you should see his mosaic damascus!)  I had to force him to accept money for the consumables he used!

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