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Scavenging gas forge material


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Frosty and I have both done so; we'd say *EASY* but others would say hard...Got any HVAC places that deal with boilers?  Got any places that deal with woodstoves? Got any Universities nearby that scrap equipment? How are you at talking with folks? (Hard for me to rate your ability to talk folks into a "here take this" mindset.

If you just want enough for 1 forge Wayne Coe is quite reasonable and raking leaves, mowing lawns, etc might be faster for you than trying to hunt it down yourself.

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Blanket is 4.50 a square foot from wayne thats about as low as youre going to get without buying a full roll.  As for the burner if youbwant it cheap build it yourself.  A T burner costs about 20 to buy the parts and if you talk to frosty and read his directions youll be able to get it going without buying any more parts.  What will cost you is the hose/regulator.  You can get a braided steel hose with a 0-30psi regulator for about 30 on amazon.  

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