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Punch and Chisel Storage

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Hi Guys,

I have just been blessed with about thirty old school punches, hand fullers and chisels. After a week in a vinegar bath they are ready to go. Unfortunately i really do not have a good logical place (at the moment to store these so that i can use them without digging through a bucket or opening up 4 drawers to find what i am looking for. Anyone have a solution that works for them? Visual aids would be most welcomed.


The Haul.jpg

haul cleaned.jpg

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Take those boards lying on the bench and make a shallow box no deeper than the shortest chisel. Instead of a top, use some decorative lattice as a lid. Put a couple of pieces in each hole of the lattice, point up, so you can see which one you're grabbing without having to pull it out. Can also use keyweld fencing or any other grid-type material.


Five gallon buckets work, too. Just put some sand in the bottom so that they all stand up.

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I used to get free steel from an ornamental ironwork place and they would migweld bunches of tubing together before cutting off the welded ends to size the stuff so I got a number of sets of short tubes welded together to use as holders.  For a real nice one get a piece of  angle iron with differing leg lengths and weld a series of tubes to the long side spacing them up off the bottom so you can see the working ends but NOT GRAB A HOT END.  leave a blank at each end so you can drill and use a lagbolt to a wooden stand or just arc weld it to a steel stand.

Unfortunately I just got back from being at my shop for the holiday and it's about 250 miles away...so no pictures for weeks.

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I just use metal coffe cans with the chisels, punches, and fullers upright with working end facing out, but if you want to give yourself a treat Mr. Mcpherson's ways of storing look effective and purty. 


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Found this picture online and liked the idea.....




So I looked through my scrap pile and made one similar to it.



I tacked in two layers of expanded metal, one high and one low, to keep the tools from falling over.  I thought about putting the carry handle on it like in the original, but I couldn't see me carrying around this thing when fully loaded with tooling.  It's plenty heavy as-is!

It's been a great way of keeping my punches and chisels organized and close to the anvil where they'll be used. And because I haven't filled all the slots with finished tools, I keep the blanks there, too, so I know they aren't mild steel off-cuts from some other job.

Overall, I give it two thumbs up.  A great way to use up some scrap and organize the work area just a little bit, keeping my most-used things close to hand and easy to find.

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I have a bunch of short pieces of pipe welded on either side of my post vise stand.  The variety of diameters accommodates a decent range of different size tools. 



1 hour ago, VaughnT said:

I keep the blanks there, too, so I know they aren't mild steel off-cuts from some other job.

Nice idea. I think I shall give that a try. 

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Good Morning,

Leave the bottoms of the tubes open. This way you can't lose a piece in the bottom and dirt will not collect. Dirt, Dust, Scale, tiny pieces of scrap = all the same.

John's first picture showed the bottom plate was solid, the top plate had the holes. No build-up of residue.

I use a 6" piece of pipe, 12" long for my Tong Rack, beside my work station. No bottom in it. If something falls in, I just lift the piece of pipe.


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