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Nazel 3B 97 year service.

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I am just about finished with a 97 year service of a 3B I bought in the spring.

I wanted to share some pics and story about this hammer .

I talked with Bruce Wallace who was kind enough to share the date of completion and where the hammer was delivered to. It was completed and ready for delivery on April 30th 1920.

I have been fortunate on one level that the hammer had not been hacked up or molested by incompetent mechanics. On another level it was really due to be gone through and repaired after a well used life of 97years.

The hammer is a testament to when things were really built with care, precision and longevity in mind.

The first two are a couple of pics when i first got the hammer. The shop space I'm in right now it wasn't an option to do a proper concrete foundation so I had to essentially make it a one piece hammer for now. After completing the base I installed it next to my Chambersburg utility hammer and wait a little while for my good friend Mark Krause to arrive so we can get to work. As you can see the hammer had big ramp dies for forging big jackhammer bits, yes it did wreck the guides . I got some cast iron stock from Mcmaster carr and Mark machined me two new ones and cleaned up the other two that weren't too badly worn.









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I had some computer issues last night, here's more of the story. Mark checked the crankshaft bearings and found them to still be in tolerance after all this time, no need to fix what isn't broke there. We took apart the rear cylinder, pulled the piston and rod and found it needed a new wrist pin and bearing. Once again Mark machined both. Good to go for another 100 years. The piston rings were worn out as well and we had new ones ordered and had them installed in about a week. The front cylinder cushion plug seemed to cushion well on the initial test but now since everything else is so tight we will replace the ring on it as well. The ram leather seals were worn out so they were replaced as well. I'm waiting on a new pair of flat dies which should be here this week.





5 hours ago, Gergely said:

Hi Upsetter,

It's a magnificent hammer, congrats! I hope everything will be repaired soon and you can use it on full throttle.

Bests and thanks for sharing!


Thanks Gergely, Im trying to post a video with no success

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Wow! Cool work there! You did posted a video file, I just had to download it to my computer and open it to watch. It shows the open cylinders while the compressor works and blows air to the work cylinder. - Fun stuff, I've never seen that before.



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The Nazel 3b is one of the two power hammers I have ever used, the other being a 25lb little giant, and man though, the Nazel 3b is a beast! you will be pleased.


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