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Please help ID anvil

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Just picked this up today and trying to figure what it is.   A LOT of the markings on the right side are a mess and hard to read much.   


Its 25 inches long

4 wide

and 11 high.

The work face is 15 inches long.  

Seems to be a one inch hardie and it has 2 Pritchel holes.   There are also 2 “B”s on the bottom of the front feet









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Frozenforge is spot on Mortis. Your anvil is most definitely a Peter Wright made after 1910 as denoted by the presence of the word "England". This has something to do with import/export laws of the time. Before 1910 the word "England" would not be there.

It is hard to find an anvil of that age that does not have a case of zits, what I refer to all those chisel and punch marks as. Those are from testing the temper of steel tools on the wrought iron body, very very common so that is why much of the markings on your anvil have been obliterated. Also very common that marking stamps on anvils were somewhat haphazard as evident in the "P" of the word Peter on yours, the bottom leg of the P is quite deep while the top is practically not there at all. That is because when it was struck the stamp was not held perpendicular to the surface but rather leaning a bit so the result is that P was never fully there to begin with. I've seen several with the entire word ENGLAND or PATENT upside down.

To my eye the markings I see on your anvil are as follows~




1 - 1 - 9

Probably also around the middle 1 in the 1 - 1 - 9 appeared the words solid wrought in a circle surrounding the 1 with solid over the top and wrought beneath it. The 1 - 1 - 9 denotes the weight in the English hundredweight system based on stoneweight, a stone being 14 pounds Aviordupios and a hundredweight being 8 stone, 112 pounds. The first number, in your case a 1, denotes 112 pounds. The second number, also in your case a 1, denotes quarters of a hundredweight in this case 28 pounds. Being quarters of a hundredweight the middle number could only ever be a 0,1,2 or a 3. The last number denotes those remaining pounds which are less than 1 quarterweight and could only be 0 through 27. So your anvil's hundredweight markings are telling you that your anvil weighs 149 pounds i.e., the first number 1 = 112 pounds, the second number 1 = 1 quarterweight, 28 pounds and the last number 9 = 9 pounds. 112 pounds + 28 pounds + nine pounds = 149 pounds.

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