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Hoof picks

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I figure there's a few folks on here who know a bit (or more!) about farrier work.  I have a bunch of used horseshoes given to me by a friend.  I'd like to make her a few things in appreciation for all the free stock!  She has horses (obviously) and I thought a hoof pick from a horseshoe might be kind of neat.  I've seen several demos online, and looked at a bunch of pics for design ideas.  Something that seems to vary is the point on the pick.  Some appear to be very dull and rounded, some look like they could puncture a car tire, some are wide and flat while some are round like knitting needles. 

To the folks that have/work with horses, what is your preferred style of point on a hoof pic?  I would think the needle sharp ones might hurt the horse, but the only thing I know about horses is how to fall off them (seriously, I've managed to fall off EVERY SINGLE TIME I've ridden on one).



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A little thicker than a flathead screwdriver, same shape. I always dull the corners for horse people so they don't bleed them. Yes that'll happen. For a professional, I keep the corners fairly sharp. They know feet better. Horseshoes work ok for picks, but I find them not wide enough to fit hands. 

Hard to see the shape of the tip, but you can kind of see it.


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With a 1/8-3/16" blunt end, edges broken if the horse owches one might consider copper fixing the comisures. Healthy soles and frogs take impacts on rocks and sticks in stride if the blunt end of a pick causes a horse discomfort their is likely a problem. 



The tip is acualy worn to this shape after a decade

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