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cts-xhp or elemax

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Hey guys so I started making folding knives a few moths I had been using 440c and cpms35vn on my fixed blades so naturally I used that in some folders I have also used some stainless Damascus on the I am looking to a new steel to use on some of my folders. Now from what I can see is CTS-XHP and Elemax are both very popular on folders. I have done some researching and reading of the spec sheets but I want some real world info on how these two steels stack up both to each other and the steels I am already using. So any info any one has on these 2 steels that might help me make up my mind on wich one to start with. ALL info would be appreciated from actually working with the steel to sharpening and edge holding decision on the 2 is still up in the air but I am leaning slightly towards CTS-XHP........thanks guys!

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