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They are pretty but you can buy four of the stock model for the same price and those commemorative types are impossible to get your money out of on resale. I went down that road with a Bicentennial Winchester 94 years ago. Too pretty to shoot, too expensive to sell. Still, if I win the lottery.....I'ld rather see that Henry in .45LC though.

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I'd say commemoratives are really a world unto themselves. Like any other form of art, investing in them is hit and miss. Sometimes they appreciate. Sometimes they don't. 

The Blacksmith rifle is one that I'd wager most folks engaged in the trade would probably buy to keep so future value isn't really a high priority to most of them.


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Granted....still, if it goes "bang" I look at it as a capital investment. Over the years I have made a lot more money on the "lock, stock and barrel" market than the Stock Market!

Colt Pythons purchased in the 1960s for under $100.00 are now selling in the $5000.00 range with original box/papers. I wish all my investments had done so well!

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