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Workbench design


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I've been working on this project, mostly in my head, for weeks now while I wait for materials. I've also been following pr3ssure's thread on the subject. 

Anyways, my design is a metal frame with a wood top. The frame will be angle iron and square tubing. The dimensions for it will be 3ft H x 3ft W x 4ft L, why so wide? Well because I have a work bench top that is 3ft x 8ft x 1 5/8. The top material came from a work bench out of an air Force work shop, probably weighs a good 200-300lbs. 

Once I have the frame built I will wrap it in sheet metal, looks like it will be galvanized since I can get it 3ft x 4ft for $17. I am also planning on adding drawers and a cabinet. I'm planning for 3 drawers on the right side, plus a drawer and cabinet on the left. 

The drawers will be for various hand tools, materials, and drill bits, while the cabinet will be for my welding supplies. On top of the bench I will be mounting my drill press, vise, bevel jig, and a bench grinder.

Now for the question. Should I have the drawers and cabinet on both sides or just one? This came about mostly because I'm having a hard time finding slides for 34 in drawers and couldn't figure out what to do with the seemingly wasted space behind the drawer. So why not just double the drawers and only make them 16in( 36in minus a 1in inset on either side and a 2in space between the drawers, divided by 2). Any thoughts? Would the 16in drawers offer enough space? I believe the drawers will be 21in wide, but I'll have to check my drawings when I get home.



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I'm pretty sure the biggest tool that will go in the drawers would be a hammer, which can go from side to side in needed. 


The drawers will hold hammers, chisels, sockets, wrenches, and other such small hand tools. I might store a cordless drill but we will see. 

As a side note, I will also be building in a locking system to keep it all secure.

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I'm going to use a standard toolbox lock and attach a linkage to the lock arm. On that linkage there will be pieces of , probably, 1 inch flat bar that will move into slots in the drawers and door. The flat bar will be secured to the square tubing to make it solid.

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Well I got the frame built, the top cut and set, and mounted my tools too it. Over all I'd say it's been a pretty solid day of work. I also built some 2ft shelves in my father in law's she'd.

Maybe next weekend I'll get the drawers built and then I'll wrap it.


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